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Brasini Kit Corpo : Azione Drenante & Anticellulite - Brasini Beauty Experience
Brasini Kit Corpo : Azione Drenante & Anticellulite - Brasini Beauty Experience
  • Upload the image to the Gallery viewer, Brasini Kit Corpo : Azione Drenante & Anticellulite - Brasini Beauty Experience
  • Upload the image to the Gallery viewer, Brasini Kit Corpo : Azione Drenante & Anticellulite - Brasini Beauty Experience


Brasini Beauty Experience ®
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BODY CREAM (200ml - estimated average use 27-50 days)

Ideal cream for the treatment of localized adiposity and water retention.

Brasini Reducing Body Cream is a soft and slightly kneading cosmetic oil-in-water emulsion. Its emollient base easily allows a prolonged massage and therefore a complete absorption of the active ingredients.

Main ingredients: Caffeine, which has a stimulating action, therefore allows for better cellular function which stimulates the mobilization of fats; the alpha hydroxide acids (contained in the cream in saline form and therefore not aggressive) show a strong smoothing activity and at the same time perform a deep moisturizing action, which allow a reduction of the orange peel appearance. The functionality of the cream is completed by glycolic extracts of ivy and horse chestnut, which contain saponins, flavonoids and glycosides with a draining action, reactivating the microcirculation and protecting the capillaries, seaweed, which contains natural iodized compounds, complex sugars, proteins, peptides and amino acids which counteract the formation of water retention.

Ingredients: Aqua (water), Ethylhexyl stearate, glycerin, propylene glycol, paraffinum liquidum (mineral oil), stearic acid, ceteareth-20, glyceryl stearate, ceteareth-12, caffeine, fucus vesiculosus extract, hedera helix (ivy) leaf exctract, aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) seed extract, lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, carbomer, parfum (fragrance), diazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, sodium hydroxide, linalool, hexyl cinnamal, limonene, gera-niol, hydroxycitronellal , citronellol.

How to use: apply consistently morning and evening, massaging with circular movements from bottom to top, until completely absorbed.


The ampoules are a shock-concentrated treatment, specially designed in order to facilitate a specific treatment for localized adiposity and containing active ingredients that have a draining action. The thermoactive principle contained in the vials releases heat which stimulates the circulation of the treated area.

The warming and rubefacient "redness effect" makes the cosmetic active ingredients contained more bioavailable and allows for better effectiveness of subsequent specific treatments

Contains active ingredients known for the following actions

✓ Camphor, activator of circulation;

✓ Vitamin PP promotes cell metabolism;

✓ Caffeine, activating and stimulating;

✓ Fluid extract of capsicum, with rubefacient activity;

✓ Methyl nicotinate, warming and reactivating the microcirculation.

INGREDIENTS: Alcohol, aqua (water), camphor, niacinamide, caffeine, citric acid, methyl nicotinate, capsicum frutescens.

HOW TO USE: the vials combined with the cream can be applied in different ways: they have a 12-day program (repeatable further without problems), it is possible to dilute half a vial on one leg and half a vial on the the other leg together with two walnuts of body cream and massage on the areas with circular movements from the bottom upwards, insisting on the most critical areas. Otherwise, you can use half a vial in the morning and half a vial in the evening, always diluted in the body cream. The vials should be used for 6 consecutive days, the 7th is left to rest, and then continued for the further 6 days.

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Michela Pasquinelli

Brasini Kit Corpo : Azione Drenante & Anticellulite

Maria Piantino
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Avevo già in passato preso i vostri ottimi prodotti...e così li ho ricomprati.

Chiara Marca

Brasini Kit Corpo : Azione Drenante & Anticellulite


Ottimo prodotto e buon profumo.
Era solo rotto erogatore crema, ma x fortuna avevo il barattolo precedente esaurito con cui poter fare il cambio.

Mai ricevute le fiale

Sono molto amareggiata. Ho ordinato il kit corpo (crema più fiale) e i patch occhi. Le fiale non sono mai arrivate. Nonostante abbia più volte scritto, non ho mai ricevuto risposta.